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Make Money Mediating #512: Avoid These 5 Pitfalls When Transitioning to a Dispute Resolution Practice

Navigating the Transition: Top Mistakes to Avoid When Moving from Legal Practice to Dispute Resolution

In this episode of Make Money Mediating, host Susan Guthrie shares invaluable insights for legal professionals contemplating a shift from traditional legal practice to the dynamic field of dispute resolution. Susan draws on her personal experiences and client feedback to uncover the most common pitfalls encountered during this transition. From necessary mindset adjustments to strategic marketing approaches, Susan provides practical advice to help you build a successful dispute resolution practice. Don’t miss this episode if you’re looking to avoid these common mistakes and make your transition smooth and successful.

Join Susan for an enlightening discussion that will equip you with the knowledge and strategies you need to thrive in the world of dispute resolution. Tune in now!

Mentioned in this episode:

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Susan Guthrie

Susan Guthrie, nationally recognized as one of the Top Family Law and Mediation Attorneys in the country, has been helping individuals and families navigate separation and divorce for more than 30 years. Susan provides legal coaching services to select clients around the world.   Susan recently partnered with legal and mediation legend, Forrest… MORE >

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