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The MASIC-S is a modified, shortened version (Rossi, Applegate, Beck, Timko & Holtzworth-Munroe, 2022; Rossi, Applegate, Tomlinson & Holtzworth-Munroe, 2023) of the original MASIC (Holtzworth-Munroe, Beck, & Applegate, 2010)

The MASIC-S is a screening tool for intimate partner violence and abuse (“IPV/A”, also known as domestic violence or “DV”) and related concerns between current or past intimate partners (spouses or significant others). The questions in the MASIC-S primarily address behaviors that are associated with severe or concerning levels of DV.

For a free version of the MASIC-S that you can complete online, just click the link below:

The MASIC-S may be reproduced, distributed, and used freely in mediation practice, as long as the authors are acknowledged, and the MASIC-S is not modified. Any other use of the MASIC-S and/or any modification of the MASIC-S, including the preparation of derivative works, is strictly prohibited without the authors’ consent. We also wish to acknowledge the law and psychology students who assisted, directly and indirectly, in the development of this tool.   

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