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Measure Twice, Cut Once

My Opa and my uncle used to own a construction company together. The majority of their work was in finishing carpentry (at least from my recollection) and my uncle took me on for one summer just as I was going into high school.

So let me paint this picture for you; I was a tall, skinny, awkward, teen that would have trouble lifting the generator first thing in the morning. Every morning we’d get to the job site, unload the truck and set up everything we’d need. Of course, because I was the youngest, least experienced, and had no clue what I was doing, I would do a lot of the “B-word” work.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

This is something that my opa used to say to me, “Measure twice, cut once.” And as I’ve grown older, it’s advice that has stuck with me. It is advice that goes beyond carpentry work and really pours over into my line of work as well (and other fields too).

1. Look twice for the problem before moving into a resolution

2. Look twice for the underlying issues before you think you understand them

3. Stay silent twice as long to make sure they are finished speaking before you speak up

4. Listen twice to ensure you’re asking the right question

5. Look from each perspective (2 or more) to ensure you’re seeing the whole picture

6. Edit twice your email before you send

7. Check in with people to make sure you understand them and they know you’ve heard them before presenting your view

How will you make sure that you are measuring twice before you make the cut?


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