Find Mediators Near You: Podcast Episode 15: Confidence, Networking, and Relationship Building with Stephanie Hanna

The Podcast, hosted by mediator Veronica Cravener, covers everything in the world of mediation: conflict resolution, best practices, ethics, technology, and business development. Episode 15, with Stephanie Hanna, focuses on Confidence, Networking, and Relationship Building.

In this episode, Stephanie Hanna—attorney, mediator, professional development coach (founder of The Other 85), and co-host of the Capture Your Confidence podcast–discusses the following:
– Where 85% of career success comes from (hint:  chances are it is not something you learned in school!)
– How you can develop the skill of confidence
– The mindset you need to have to be good at networking and relationship building
– How storytelling and building your “whisper brand” impact your career success
Links mentioned in the show:
The Other 85 website:

Stephanie’s podcast, “Capture Your Confidence”:


Stephanie Hanna

Stephanie has been coaching attorneys and other professionals for the past decade – helping them navigate the profession, build their reputations, and develop their careers. Having been a prosecutor, judicial staff attorney, solo practitioner, magistrate, and law firm associate, Stephanie understands the dynamics at play in each environment. She has… MORE >


Veronica Cravener

Veronica Cravener is a mediator and trainer for Mediate to Achieve, LLC, based in Columbus, Ohio, USA.  She has mediated more than 500 disputes across areas such as landlord-tenant, contracts, consumer-business, personal injury, neighbors, individual disputes over money, and post-employment disputes.  She is experienced at mediating by text message in… MORE >

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