Find Mediators Near You: Podcast Episode 27: For the Forces of Good With Lucia Kanter St. Amour

Did you know that as a mediator you help parties exercise a superpower?  It’s the superpower of everyday negotiation! Listen to this episode as Veronica talks with Lucia Kanter St. Amour–attorney, author, mediator, and VP of Board of UN Women San Francisco–about various topics in her #1 rated new release book on Amazon, For the Forces of Good: The Superpower of Everyday Negotiation.  

Episode highlights include a discussion of the following:

  • What is the distinction between impartiality and neutrality?
  • Can one negotiate with bullies, and if so, how?
  • How can a mediator handle two different stories from parties in mediation?
  • What is interoception and why does it matter in mediation?

Lucia Kanter St Amour

A member of the Neuroleadership Institute, Lucia has specific training in behavioral science, and how real people act in real conflict situations and decision-making. She is the Founder and Principal of her firm, Pactum Factum, which specializes in negotiation and dispute resolution; and a Certified Online Mediator. Lucia has… MORE >


Veronica Cravener

Veronica Cravener is a mediator and trainer for Mediate to Achieve, LLC, based in Columbus, Ohio, USA.  She has mediated more than 500 disputes across areas such as landlord-tenant, contracts, consumer-business, personal injury, neighbors, individual disputes over money, and post-employment disputes.  She is experienced at mediating by text message in… MORE >

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