Find Mediators Near You:’s Mediation and Mental Health Conference: Helping Our Circle is excited to announce our Mediation and Mental Health Conference, September 28-30, 2022! Our agenda includes 38 top speakers from mediation, psychology, social work, divorce, ombuds, mental health, government, and academia. Our goal for this conference is to learn from experts both inside and outside the mediation field, so as to better support the mental health needs of both our parties and ourselves. Our presenters will share their extensive experience and expertise to help us get smarter about the intersections between mental health and dispute resolution.

This 3 day conference will take place over Zoom. All sessions will be recorded and available within one day–and attendees will have access to the recordings for six months.

Dr. Temple Grandin

KEYNOTE: The guest speaker for our Mental Health Conference is renowned scientist, author and speaker, Dr. Temple Grandin.

Temple Grandin has long been an advocate of communication, and the importance of supporting diversity in mental health.

Through interactive conversations and breakout rooms, participants and panelists will discuss: 

  • Working supportively with divorcing couples, children, elders, and veterans
  • Best practices from suicide awareness and prevention
  • Avoiding retraumatization
  • Mitigating mental health biases
  • Developing empowering processes and agreements

We believe this is a vitally important topic for all mediators to engage with, and we hope to model the best practices of our field in convening a substantive and respectful conversation.
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