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Mediation and Mental Health Conference Schedule

Over 20 hours of Interactive Training!

History, Keynote: Temple Grandin

Current Practical Applications of Mental Health Support in Mediation

Looking Ahead: Best practices to support mental health

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Day 1:
Historical Relationship Between Mediation and Mental Health

Day One:
8:30-91.1 Welcome and Introduction: Behaviors, not Labels. Discussing the overlap of mental health and communication.
Clare Fowler
9-9:301.2 KEYNOTE: Language Matters
Temple Grandin
9:30-10:301.3 What Obligations Do We Have To Our Clients?
Megan Hunter
TED-style talks10:30-10:401.4 History of Organizational Support
Marya Kolman
10:40-10:501.5 History of the ADA Mediation Guidelines: Why? How? and What?
Judy Cohen
10:50-11:001.6 History of Training: What were we trained to look out for and how to respond
Susan Guthrie
11:10-12:001.7 Real Resilience for Mediators & Other Conflict Professionals
Jeff Thompson
TED-style talks12:45-1:101.8 Psychology and Mental Health
Maria Coombes
1:10-1:201.9 When Mediators Need Help
Belinda Jokinen
1:20-1:301.10 Preventing Mental Illness Discrimination in Mediation
Dan Berstein
1:30-2:301.11 What Processes Help or Harm Our Mental Health
Roundtable: Jennifer Kresge, Michelle Brenner
2:30-31.12 Guided Breakout Rooms
3-3:301.13 Personal Application and Document Review

Day 2: Current Applications

Day Two:
8:30-92.1 Welcome and Introduction
Colin Rule
9-9:302.2 Lead Speaker: Reflections and Learnings: Approaching 30 Years of The U.S. Department of Justice’s ADA Mediation Program
Lewis Dabney, Key Bridge Foundation
TED-style talks9:30-9:402.3 Disrupting Toxic Positivity
Winter Wheeler
9:40-9:502.4 Somatic Awareness and Conflict Engagement
Mr. Kim Kristensen
9:50-102.5 Trauma-Informed Care: Being Gentle But Firm
Junie Gangle
10:10-112.6 Roundtable: Helping Kids with Special Needs
Diana Nadeau  CADRE, Rosy Bucio SELPA, Don Saposnek – Parenting Plan with Special Needs Children
11:10-122.7 Assessing Current Processes for Neuro-diverse Clients: What areas are we still treating labels instead of behaviors?
Don Saposnek – Working with Adults with Special Needs
LUNCH12-1(Optional: Eat and Discuss in Themed Breakout Rooms)
1-1:502.8 Roundtable: What Damages Mental Health?
Lesley Cook (child psychologist) & Matt Glowacki, SHRM
2-32.9 Neuroplasticity: How Safe Communication Rewires the Brain
Sarah Peyton
3-3:302.10 Guided Breakout Rooms
Lucia Maria Kanter St. Amour: How do different genders respond to mental health attacks?

Day 3: Future Applications

Day Three:
8:30-93.0 Welcome Assisting Participants to be at Their Best in Mediation
Jim Melamed
9-9:303.1 Lead Speaker Discussing Mental Health Stigma and Suicide Awareness
Stacey Freedenthal
TED-style talks9:30-9:403.2 Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace
Terry Marschall
9:40-9:503.3 Supporting Mental Health in Education
Joshua Kershenbaum
9:50-103.4 Supporting Emotional Intelligence in Divorce
Cynthia Greer, Lipscomb Professor
10:10-11:153.5 The Internal Family Systems Model: A Non-Pathologizing Way to Understand What Makes People Tick.  And, it’s Useful for Mediators!
David Hoffman
11:15-123.6 Resources for Supporting our Seniors, Vets, Neurodivergent, and Minorities
Sarah Gross, Amy Applegate, MASIC presentation, Dana Curtis supporting elders, Ralph Charles–resources with EEOC
–and open forum for participants to share resources on Jamboard
LUNCH12-13.7 Themed Breakout Rooms:
Forgiveness with Eileen Barker
Courts and Mental Health with Susan Yates, RSI
Divorce Support with Karen Aurit
Healthcare with Melanie Frizzell
TED-Style Talks1-1:203.8 Behavioral Health Mediation: A New State Approach
Mary Wallace, Oakland Mediation
1:20-1:303.9 Protecting Ourselves Mentally
VA Speaker, Sarah Gross
1:30-2:303.10 Strengthening Mediation along Three Dimensions: Preparation, Respect, and Design
Tim Hedeen
2:30-33.11 Turning Conference Concepts into Living Documents
Clare Fowler
Wrap-Up3-3:303.12 The Golden Rule of Mental Health in Mediation

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