Find Mediators Near You: Tune in your blog neurons now

If the conflict resolution blogosphere was a brain, all neuron pathways would lead to Diane Levin. She is a star shepherd, scout, and sage of our corner of the blog world. If I open my google reader and see that she has posted (no matter how busy or tired or distracted I may be), I eagerly look to see what she has written. She never fails to be informative, thought-provoking, and original. And where does she get those great graphics to brightly illustrate the topics of her posts?

If you have been reading Diane Levin in the past, or want to start following her now, you will want to know she has just moved addresses to Click on over and see what she is doing with her new blog hearth and home. Diane says:

Tune in for the latest news, info, and ideas (not to mention the occasional offbeat story) about mediation, negotiation, conflict resolution & the law

Vickie Pynchon (of Settle It Now Negotiation Blog) is another star conflict resolution blogger (who sometimes posts about the nexus between neuroscience and conflict resolution). Vickie has posted about Diane tonight: My Favorite ADR Blog Gets a Spiffy New Home. Vickie writes:

[S]he’s everyone’s favorite ADR blogger.  And not just because she writes the best; has the most eclectically “on message” posts; is the most responsible member of the ADR Blog Possee (yes, she’s the ADR Blog Neighborhood Watch Captain); always finds the most apt images to illustrate any point she’s making; and, is a mediator’s mediator.  No, it’s genuinely because she’s just so darn nice!!

Yep, I definitely second that. Congratulations, Diane. I send you an e-bouquet to celebrate your new place. (Image credit below.)


Stephanie West Allen

Stephanie West Allen, JD, practiced law in California for several years, held offices in local bar associations, and wrote chapters for California Continuing Education of the Bar. While in CA, Stephanie completed several five-day mediation training programs with the Center for Mediation in Law, as well as a two-year intensive… MORE >

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