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Senior Mediator

Senior MediatorThis mediator has at least 100 hours of mediation training, 500 hours of mediation experience, agrees to take part in at least 12 hours per year of continuing mediation education, and subscribes to's required standards of mediation practice.Premium Member

Colleen McNamee

Mediation is a family-centered conflict resolution process in which an impartial third party assists the participants in negotiating a consensual and informed settlement. In mediation, the decision-making authority rests with the parties. The role of the mediator includes reducing the obstacles to communication, maximizing the exploration of alternatives, and addressing the needs of those it is agreed are involved or affected.

Mediation is based on principles of problem solving that focus on the needs of the participants, fairness, privacy, self-determination, and the best interests of all family members.
*Because mediation is focused on the future, we will search for all solutions, not dwell on the past, and create an Agreement that is individually tailored to meet your needs!

A graduate from Azusa Pacific University with degrees in Philosophy, Communications, and Psychology. A Juris Doctorate degree from Regent University School of Law. General mediation certification as well as an advanced mediation certification in Family Law. Notary.

International public speaker and workshop coordinator for all Family Law Mediation related topics.

Member of: SCMA, AIM, Collaborative Law Professionals, Group of Family Law Professionals, ADR & Conflict Resolution and Mediation Exchange Group, Mediator Network, ABA Section of Dispute Resolution,and the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Professionals Group, Fathers Help Network, Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce,, The Institute for Conflict Management, Orange County Police & Fire Network, National Notary Association, Orange County Labor Union representative, Matre Dei High School Family Mediator,inducted into the Cambridge Who’s Who of Business Professionals, awarded the 2011 Cambridge “Outstanding Professional of the Year Award.”

ADR Experience

I have been successfully practicing in the area of Family Law for  28 years now, and have had my own private Family Law Mediation practice for the last 25 years.


  • You will get your “day in court,” a chance to be heard, in a private setting.
  • You and your spouse will work things out cooperatively, rather than engaging in an expensive and stressful legal contest.
  • You will create your own Agreement, rather than allowing others to make your decisions for you.
  • You will set the pace. You wont be frustrated by court delays or pressured to meet court-imposed deadlines.
  • You will maintain your privacy by staying away from the courthouse and concluding your divorce in the privacy of our office.
  • Your children will remain in a safe space because you will design a parenting plan that works for all of you.
  • You will have a chance to complete your emotional and legal divorce at the same time.


Degrees in Philosopy, Psychology, and Communications along with a Juris Doctorate law degree. General Mediation Certification as well as advanced Family Law Mediation Certification. Also, a certified Notary Public.

Areas Of Practice

  • Adoption
  • Adult Family
  • Business
  • Civil (general)
  • Commercial
  • Contracts
  • Divorce (all issues)
  • Divorce (parenting)
  • Employment
  • Family
  • Landlord - Tenant
  • Marital Mediation
  • Prenuptial
  • Real Estate

Additional Services

  • Advanced Mediation Trainer
  • Communication Skills Trainer
  • Conflict Coach
  • Counselor
  • Facilitator
  • Fact-Finder
  • Mediating Lawyer
  • Mediation Consultant
  • Mediation Trainer
  • Mediator-Arbitrator
  • Parenting Coordinator



Fees and Provisos

Fees are case specific. Please contact us so that we can give you an accurate quote for your particular case.
*We do not take retainers!
**We do carry liability insurance.

Liability Insurance

  • Yes

Professional Associations

  • ABA DR - ABA Section of DR
  • SCMA - S. California Mediation Assoc.
  • AAA - American Arbitration Assoc.
  • ACR - Assoc. for Conflict Resolution
  • WMF - World Mediation Forum
  • FMA - The Family Mediators' Association