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David Zagoria

Most personal injury negligence claims follow the same pattern; you have to prove the other party owed you a duty of care, they neglected that duty, their negligence caused you to suffer an injury, and you incurred financial loss or other harm because of it. Dog bite cases are also negligence claims, but they have their own set of laws with unique steps required to prove a case and different defenses a defendant might put up to avoid liability. For these reasons, it’s essential to get an experienced dog bite attorney on your side if you or a loved one was attacked or bitten by a vicious or dangerous dog.
Zagoria Law Firm LLC is a metro Atlanta personal injury law firm helping people recover significant compensation for their injuries when they’ve been hurt by a dog bite, car wreck, unsafe premises, work accident, or if they lost a lost loved one to one of these tragedies. Compassionate with clients and unrelenting in the pursuit of justice, the Atlanta dog bite & injury lawyers at Zagoria Law Firm LLC aggressively pursues negligent parties and holds them accountable to injury victims by making sure they pay a fair amount in proportion to the damage they’ve caused.

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