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Jennifer Segura
Jennifer Segura

Senior Mediator

Senior MediatorThis mediator has at least 100 hours of mediation training, 500 hours of mediation experience, agrees to take part in at least 12 hours per year of continuing mediation education, and subscribes to's required standards of mediation practice.Premium MemberCertified Mediator

Jennifer Segura

Here at San Diego Family Mediation Center, we help you and your family deal with conflict constructively and find ways to improve communication, solve problems and reach agreements on legal and non-legal issues. Litigation destroys relationships, while mediation helps you maintain your relationship and get to the heart of the issues that are causing conflict in your relationship.

If you’re getting married we can assist you with pre-marital mediation and prenuptial agreements to ensure you and your soon to be spouse have all of those important conversations that are necessary before you get married. If you’re married and having problems then we can use mediation tools to help you and your spouse stay together and find arrangements that alleviate the issues. If you’re getting divorced, then our mediators help you stay out of court and allow you to remain in control of your future. We can help you save time, money and reduce your stress during a difficult time.

Our mediators will ensure that all of your issues are discussed, help you come to agreements and then make sure that everything is drafted and filed correctly with the court. If you’re already divorced and having problems co-parenting then the mediations can work with you to modify your parenting plans, support or other orders. Additionally, we also assist our families with financial planning at all stages of their lives and ensure that your finances are in order so this does not cause any additional stress on you.

ADR Experience

I founded San Diego Family Mediation Center in January 2008, after graduating from law school and realizing the job market around me looked bleak (it was the housing crisis here in San Diego).

I always wanted to practice family mediation, but was not necessarily ready to start my career as a solo practitioner, but the opportunity presented itself and so I jumped in with both feet and never looked back.

There have been many twists and turns throughout my 17 year career (it is now 2024), from having business partners, growing and having brick and mortar offices set up in Orange County, CA and Oakland, CA, to now, as of April 2024 coming back to the simple times of a small boutique mediation firm, letting go of the trials and tribulations of managing employees and other issues that are present when businesses grow. I want to focus on my clients, focus on creating paths for new mediators to gain their footing in this world (while minimizing their roadblocks by telling them how to avoid them). There is beauty in simplicity.



My approach to mediation has grown and changed over the years, for sure, but there are a few things that stay consistent; 1) the clients are ALWAYS the decision makers, 2) I will do WHATEVER it takes to keep my divorcing clients out of court, 3) the children are ALWAYS insulated, and 4) I try and bring fun and laughter into every mediation I do.

Life is hard, conflict is hard, the unknown is hard. One of my greatest mentors educated me on a saying from the buddhist philosophy, which is “suffer joyfully.” Most of our lives we are suffering through one thing or another, so you might as well, suffer joyfully. This idea resonated with me so much I actually tattooed it on my arm, to always remind myself to find the joy in whatever life was throwing at me. And it helps!

I approach each case I work on from the perspective of how I have felt through hard times in my life, whether it was purchasing my first home, waiting to hear that my baby was healthy after having a high risk pregnancy, praying my career would survive yet another change. Whatever dark time it was, it was a time of fear. And more than anything, a fear of the unknown. Will we get the house (we did!)? Will my baby girl be ok (she was!)? Do I have the stamina to start over AGAIN (I do!)? Even though, 9 out of 10 times the situation ends up fine, it doesn’t change the fact that there was a point in time that I was terrified. I had no idea whether things were going to be OK. But I always held on the the power of positive thinking and would create a goal that was far beyond the conclusion of whatever was scaring me, and I would focus on that goal. It was always a fun goal, for example, a concert with my daughter after she was born healthy. I focused on feeling her in my arms, listening to music on a San Diego summer night. And that was one of the best nights of my life…that concert, with her in my arms.

How I use this in my practice, is I remember how I felt and I know this is how you are feeling now. So I do for you what I know I needed during those times. Updates, clarity, transparency, communication, information. I do my very best to provide a safe space for you, so you do not feel so alone as you go through your process. I try not to make you wait any longer than you have to about important information or issues. This process can be grueling, but it doesn’t have to be devastating.



San Diego State University, BA

Thomas Jefferson School of Law, JD

Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts, CDFA


Areas Of Practice

  • Adult Family
  • Divorce (all issues)
  • Divorce (parenting)
  • Elder
  • Estate Planning
  • Family
  • Marital Mediation
  • Online Family/Divorce
  • Parent-Teen
  • Partnership
  • Pet Mediation
  • Prenuptial

Additional Services

  • Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
  • Collaborative Professional
  • Communication Skills Trainer
  • Conflict Coach
  • Facilitator
  • Mediation Consultant



Fees and Provisos

We work with flat fees for many of our services, offering you transparency in what your overall process will cost.

We can work hourly and do work hourly for services that are less process focused and more issue focused, such as a post-judgment modification or a trust administration issue.

We offer free consultations, so please reach out if you are looking for something unique, we will do our best to help.



Liability Insurance

  • Yes

ADR Training

  • 40-hour Coast-to-Coast Mediation Basic Training 2007
  • Mosten-Guthrie, Advanced – Diversifying And Differentiating Your Services, 2023
  • Mosten-Guthrie, Advanced Training: Mediating Child and Spousal Support, 2022

Professional Associations

  • APFM - Acad. of Professional Family Mediators