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Kim Whelan

I began focusing on divorce mediation after watching friends and family members navigate the often painful process of divorce, and witnessing the benefits of mediation. As the divorced mother of two sons myself, I also appreciate the importance of being able to successfully co-parent with your ex-spouse after divorce and I believe the mediation process is more conducive to that goal.

I am invested in helping people get divorced without letting fear and anger drive the process, so that decisions are made from a rational and grounded place. The ideal client for me is a couple who wants to look back on their divorce process and know that they handled things with dignity, and made choices from their best selves. I will bring compassion, structure, and expertise — and will ensure that you address every issue (legal and financial) necessary to file for divorce. As your mediator, my goal is to drive the process, not the outcome.

My background is a little unusual for what I do. I have a business background and an MBA from Harvard. I believe that my varied business experience has actually been very helpful to my divorce mediation practice. First, I am comfortable with the numbers. And increasingly, divorce is a lot about dealing with money issues. I am not intimidated by complicated family finances, and can be helpful when one or both parties need to be well informed about their financial options. In addition, much of my work as a consultant dealt with helping clients to identify their interests and needs and to explore options for solving their problems.

Areas Of Practice

  • Divorce (parenting)
  • Marital Mediation
  • Elder
  • Divorce (all issues)
  • Adult Family
  • Prenuptial

Additional Services

  • Mediation Trainer
  • Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
  • Mediator

Liability Insurance

  • Yes

Professional Associations

  • MCFM - Mass. Council of Family Mediation
  • APFM - Acad. of Professional Family Mediators