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Lisandra Matos
Lisandra Matos

Associate Mediator

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Lisandra Matos

Lisandra Matos is a seasoned personal injury attorney who dedicates her daily practice to leveling the playing field between massive, multi-billion-dollar insurance companies and individuals who have suffered injuries in car accidents.

Lisandra’s enduring passion for personal injury law stems from her belief that large corporations must be held accountable to the individuals who place their trust in them.

In her relentless advocacy for her clients, Lisandra harnesses her deep expertise in personal injury law and her unwavering determination to achieve the most favorable outcomes.

As the founder and proprietor of the Matos Law Firm, a personal injury practice located in Lakewood, Colorado, Lisandra is committed to seeking justice for those who have been harmed in car accidents through no fault of their own.

Areas Of Practice

  • Personal Injury

Liability Insurance

  • Yes