Nicole Moyer
Nicole Moyer

Nicole Moyer

Specializing in Divorce Mediation, Marital Mediation (designed to help the couple craft solutions to marital issues), and Personal Mediation (Such as HOA/property issues, elder issues, financial management, car accident, and general family issues).

I offer affordable divorce mediation, education, and coaching services. My rates vary based upon the services that I am providing. I am also available to co-mediate if you and your spouse would like extra support or your divorce to be completed faster. My rates are $175 – $275/hr. I make sure that my divorce mediation clients receive both legal and financial guidance during the mediation process. My approach helps ensure that clients are making informed decisions, understand the taxation consequences of their options, and that their financial decisions are properly managed and carried out without the “ball being dropped.” I also am happy to assist with just one portion of a case, such as helping the client form a parenting plan or decide custody. I am also available to act as a co-mediator for clients who feel they need a little extra support or a gender balance during the process.

I also provide additional support services, such as assisting with distribution of inherited items (sometimes that requires driving to your home to assist with disputes of the items), or helping family members delegate care-taking tasks.

I am a Santa Clara County Bar Association member. I have been working in civil litigation and/or family law for many years. Formerly, I was a civil engineer.

ADR Experience

Trust/Estate issues: Such as helping families manage the affairs of aging elders, assisting in distributing inherited property, and supporting the Successor Trustees with their tasks after death of the Trustee.

Family law/custody/Parenting Plans: This provides the majority of my mediation services.


Creative ideas and full support. I am very responsive and can be contacted 24/7. I also will work weekends.

My philosophy is to strongly encourage the parties to negotiate, and to that end I educate the client about how to avoid litigation, if it is possible to avoid.

Areas Of Practice

  • Divorce (all issues)
  • Divorce (parenting)
  • Family

Additional Services

  • Facilitator

Fees and Provisos

My rates vary from $175 – $240/hr depending upon the scope of work.

Liability Insurance

  • Yes

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