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William C. Hearon

William C. Hearon has been a member of The Florida Bar since 1978. In addition to his civil litigation practice, he has been a Certified Circuit Court Mediator in the State of Florida since 1991 and on the List of Certified Mediators for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida since 1993. He has also conducted mediations for The Florida Bar’s Grievance Mediation Program and for the Florida Department of Business Regulation, Division of Florida Land Sales, Condominiums and Mobile Homes.

He has primarily mediated cases along a broad spectrum of business disputes, and is often called upon to mediate difficult cases with strong, determined clients.


Mr. Hearon is an advocate for the mediation process and the important place it occupies within the litigation/trial process. With his guidance, the mediation conference offers the parties an opportunity to meet, either prior to or during litigation, and in some cases during the appellate process, to examine their dispute from a variety of viewpoints, to define the issues that divide them and to explore options for the satisfactory resolution of their dispute. During the mediation process, he strives to define the issues and to focus the parties’ attention on the practical, business aspects of reaching a resolution of the dispute by emphasizing clear communication, straight-forward negotiation, detailed problem-solving and continuous, flexible but directed facilitation.

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