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Willow McLean
Willow McLean

Willow McLean

I am a registered social worker and have worked in the field of child protection, child and adolescent mental health, and child and family well being in Nova Scotia for over 15 years. During this time I have witnessed the amazing amount of strength, creativity, and resiliency that families in Nova Scotia possess. I have seen the great lengths that parents will go to to make sure their children are healthy, happy, and protected. I have been privileged to hear peoples’ stories and to provide support and assistance during difficult times in their lives.

Although family separations can be extremely stressful and difficult times for both parents and children, they DON’T have to involve court battles, high conflict, or huge expenses. If you are dealing with conflict over living arrangements, parenting time, child support, or other parenting concerns, I can help. With the right support, information, and guidance, I truly believe that most families can work through their parenting and support issues together, and come to a practical and sustainable solutions for themselves and their children.

My job as a social worker and mediator is to provide a flexible process, reliable information, thoughtful guidance, and a safe space for parents to have the discussions that they need to for their children.

Please reach out to me by phone or email, I’m happy to discuss your individual situation, answer any questions about the mediation process, or even provide referrals to other service providers if it turns out mediation is not the right process for you.



A family separation is inevitably emotional, and sometimes overwhelming, but this time can also be a new beginning. Mediation gives you the time and space to think and talk openly about what you want moving forward for yourself and children.
I use both interest-based and insight approaches in my mediations. I will work with each person individually first to ensure I have a full understanding of the situation. I will support both parents in identifying what is most important to them moving forward and provide coaching on how to communicate and negotiate these for these goals during mediation. 
I will design and guide a joint process for both parents to have their wants, needs, and concerns about parenting fully heard and discussed. In some situations I will provide a “shuttle” mediation model where parents negotiate through me as a go-between, rather than directly with each other. 
Each mediation session will include a “progress note” to review the issues discussed and mediation will conclude with a final written “mediation report” which will detail the plan you created. 
Please reach out by email or phone to ask any questions and discuss if mediation may be right for you.


Willow McLean is a registered social worker with the Nova Scotia College of Social Work and holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from McGill University.

She is a member of Family Mediation Canada, ADR Atlantic Insititute and is on the Voice of the Child Practitioner roster with Navigating Onward in Ontario.

Ms. McLean’s mediation training was completed through Insightful Mediation Training in Ontario and her Voice of the Child Report training was done with Dr. Dan Ashbourne, the co-creator of the Voice of the Child Report process, and Dr. Kim Harris from Navigating Onward.

Areas Of Practice

  • Divorce (all issues)
  • Divorce (parenting)
  • Family
  • Online Family/Divorce
  • Online Mediation

Additional Services

  • Collaborative Professional
  • Conflict Coach

Fees and Provisos


  • Individual session hourly rate $150
  • Joint session hourly rate $150
  • Sliding scale fees available: apply if you may be eligible
The fees for joint sessions are usually split between both parents. My services may be covered by your private health plan. I also offer a sliding-scale fee plan to ensure affordable access to services for all clients.

Liability Insurance

  • Yes

Professional Associations

  • Nova Scotia College of Social Work
  • Family Mediation Canada
  • ADR Atlantic Institute