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Patricia Hagenah
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Independence, MO 64057
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Patricia Hagenah is an experience family law mediator and attorney. Patricia has mediated hundreds of family law matters involving divorce, child custody, parenting issues, child support, and guardianship. Patricia began her practice in family law as an attorney over twenty years ago, and has focused her practice on family law mediation since 1999. Patricia believes mediation provides parents the best opportunity to come together to talk through their issues so they can create a positive environment in which their children can thrive when parents live apart.

Professional Background

I am an attorney and mediator. I was admitted to the Missouri Bar as a licensed attorney in 1991 and have practiced in the area of family law, estate planning and small business. In 1999, I received my initial mediation training at the University of Missouri School of Law Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution and I have focused my practice in family law mediation.


I received my initial training in mediation in 1999 and have been a mediator for 20 years. My mediation practice is focused primarily on family law mediation. I have been an approved child custody mediator with the Jackson County Family Court for 20 years. I have also been a mediator with the M.A.R.C.H. mediation program (Mediation Achieving Results for Children) for 19 years. In addition, I provide private mediation services for divorce, parenting and child custody issues, child support and guardianship issues.


I graduated from the University of Missouri in 1979 with a B.A. in Political Science and a M.A. in Public Policy Analysis in 1982. I attended Law School at the University of Missouri at Kansas City where I received my J.D. in 1991.


Dates    Trainer(s)    Title   
Oct. 11-15, 1999    MU Law School - Prof. James Coben & Prof. Kathy Nevins    40 Hour Family Mediation Training - 40 hours
Aug. 1, 2003    7th Judicial Circuit ODRS    Mediation Screening for Domestic Violence - 8 hours
Apr. 19-20, 2007    Heartland Mediators Conference    Strategies for High Conflict Divorce - 7.5 hours
Sept. 30, 2009    AFCC-Mo. Chapter - Arnold Shienvold, Ph.D    Attachment, Alienation and Access - 14.4 hours
Mar. 3-4, 2011    MO-AFCC Annual Conference - Arnold Schienvold, Ph.D.    Working with High Conflict Parents - 7 hours
Apr. 25-26, 2013    Heartland Regional Conference - Sharon Strand Ellison    Taking the War Out of Our Words - 12.9 hours
Oct. 17, 2014    Assoc. MO Mediators Conference - Dr. Paul Paese    Understanding and Being Understood - 7.3 hours
Apr. 16-17, 2015    Heartland Regional Conference - Bill Eddy    Approaches for Highest Conflict Disputes 9.0 hours
April 9-10, 2015    .MO-AFCC Spring Conference - Edward Farber, Phd    Reducing Conflict through Teaching Effective Co-Parenting 8.1 hours
Mar 31-Apr 1, 2016    MO-AFCC Spring Conference - Matthew Sullivan, Ph.D.    The Terrible Teens 8.1 hours
Oct. 28, 2016    AMM Annual Conference - Kenneth Cloke, Mediator and Author    A Day with Kenneth Cloke - 6 hours
March 28-29, 2019    MO-AFCC Dr. Phillip Stahl, PHD Speaker    Exploring Decision-Making Processes in Family Law Cases 9 hrs.
Apr. 16, 2020    Dawn Kuhlman, MA, MARCH Mediation Train    Trauma Informed Mediation - 3 hours
Dec. 7-8, 2020    AFCC    2020 Advanced Issues for Family & Conciliation Courts - 7 hours

Areas of Practice

  • Civil (general)
  • Divorce (all issues)
  • Divorce (parenting)
  • Family
  • Online Family/Divorce
  • Online Mediation
  • Probate

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Mediating Lawyer
  • Online Mediator

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