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Joseph Cotto

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Ocala, FL

Description of Practice

I enjoy solving problems. Of course, while I prefer that they never come up, they inevitably do, and resolving them -- as reasonably and responsibly as possible -- is a passion of mine. Naturally, helping other people solve their own problems stems from this.

As a Florida Supreme Court certified county mediator, I accept virtual county mediation cases statewide. Physical county mediation cases in the Fifth Circuit (which includes Lake, Marion, Hernando, Sumter, and Citrus counties) are generally accepted. Please do not hesitate to contact me about mediating your county case. I should respond promptly and, if given the privilege of becoming your county mediator, you can expect only the greatest degree of impartiality, competence, sincerity, and, in a fundamental sense, fairness.

My Florida Supreme Court certified county mediator number is 39370 C. Please note that "Circuits Serviced," as stated in reference to me on the Supreme Court's website, refers to those circuits in which I have chosen to be placed on rotation as a publicly appointed county mediator. In no way does this prohibit my handling cases outside of the Fifth Circuit, which is the only circuit that I selected.

Professional Background

I have a varied professional background in journalism, media production, and nonfiction authorship. I think that this has fostered a very important skill, readily of use in any job environment, which is being a careful listener who does not rush to conclusions about key matters. Over the years, my professional experiences have necessitated remaining level-headed and even-tempered, especially in challenging situations.


Bachelor of Science in General Studies, California Coast University


I bring an approach to mediation which is informed by being a good listener, with a strong inclination to hear out both sides of any given story. Assisting others in finding a way toward resolving whatever dispute they have is not just something I do, but a concept which I at once respect and find rewarding.


My service as a county mediator is billed at a rate of $150 per hour, with only the time spent on providing this service being billable. No other fee is charged by me for any reason. I think that you will find my rate to be not only fair, in terms of prevailing market trends, but quite competitive. Please be aware that time which I spend on research for any case I mediate is billable, though I will complete said research in as reasonably brief a period as possible. My fee may be paid via cash, cashier's check, or money order.

Other Information

Virtual mediation, which takes place via videoconference or telephone, will be held through whichever method is acceptable for clients. My preference for videoconferencing, however, is Jitsi, which is free and requires no download for usage on a personal computer.

If possible, please contact me about scheduling your county mediation session at least seven days before you intend to hold it.

Should a physical county mediation session be required, please know that I am unable to provide the facilities for this. Also, kindly remember that I opt, on a general basis, only to physically mediate in the Fifth Circuit, which includes Marion, Lake, Sumter, Hernando, and Citrus counties.

Feel free to call or email me at any time, on any day (including holidays), and I should get back to you well within 24 hours. Be sure to leave a message if you call and, should you send an email, please include 'MEDIATION' in its subject line.

Areas of Practice

  • Civil (general)

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Online Mediator