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Mediators How Much Marketing Could You Do in 15 Minutes a Day?

From the blog Mediation Marketing Tips

It’s almost the end of February…gulp.

How are you doing on your business development activities?

What intentions or goals did you set in January and how are you doing now that the first quarter of the new year is half over?

To avoid overwhelm, set aside 15 minutes a day, everyday and see what you can get done. Brainstorm some activities you could do in your target market. Are
there upcoming events at which you could network with others? Put together a speaking presenation? Put together a free workshop for lawyers or others in
your community? Obviously, you can’t complete these tasks in 15 minutes, but if you set aside that time each day, you can incrementally get it done. You may
also find that once you get started with your 15 minutes, it turns into 30 minutes and you did get a lot done.

Break it down into 15 minute increments a day and take one step at a time.

Maybe your fifteen minutes will be spent writing a blog post.

Have you started a new mediation blog? Let us all know!

What other marketing and business development activities have you been doing and getting good results?


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