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Mensch Gets A Blog Makeover

Over 50,000 words. And, that’s not even total amount I’ve written about mediation marketing, online marketing and finding the right niche since 2005, when I launched

I look back on those early days so fondly. I felt like a pioneer, braving the new world of the Internet. Times changes. The Internet absolutely changes. And so, good blogs should evolve, too. That’s why I’m proud to announce that after a short hiatus, the Mensch will return with a brand new look, feel and focus.

What’s Changing?

First, let me tell you what will definitely NOT change. My commitment to helping mediators build and grow profitable practices. That’s still a passion for me personally and a wish for the profession. I’ll still do my best to introduce you to appropriate marketing approaches, tactics and techniques for getting new clients and delivering meaningful products to your current clients. Hopefully, my sense of curiosity and humor will remain intact, too.

Now, let me walk you through what WILL be different when the Mensch returns.

New Blog Platform: Moving from Blogger to WordPress

As I mentioned earlier, Mensch is transitioning to a self-hosted WP platform with a little help from Ryan Burns of Why?

The flexibility and power of WP was undeniable and irresistible. The community is so large it’s easy to get answers to your blogging questions and find new resources. It’s simply better.

Don’t get me wrong. I still think Blogger is great, especially for brand new bloggers who might be a tad techno-phobic and want a 1 click system. That’s a fine starting point. Eventually, (I hope) you’ll want to branch out, get more readers, and really promote your blog. When you have a hosted WP site will be an easy upgrade.

I’m switching because I want to track my progress more easily and reach even more readers. The goal is to double my RSS subscribers this year. Besides, I’m already hosting there with great results.

New Blogging Voice

No, that doesn’t mean I’m getting a voicelift, although it is kinda deep and husky. When I launched I didn’t have a blogging style or voice. I simply wrote about what interested me, what I was interested in learning or sharing. Some folks liked that, others not so much. It made the blog a bit of a marketing hodge-podge that drained the value out of the posts.

Going forward, I plan to write more in-depth, comprehensive posts about fewer topics; namely, blogging, podcasting, social media and information products. There’ll also be more direct links to the products, services, coaches that I trust.

New Publication Schedule

The Mensch will be published on Tuesdays each week. A more consistent schedule will be good for everyone: you’ll get good content regularly to inspire, inform and nudge you to action; and I’ll be able to automate the whole thing with WordPress.

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow!



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