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Mysterious Metallic Ball Falls from Space into Paris Hilton’s Lap

OK, so the part about Paris Hilton was pure tabloid (sorry, Paris, just kidding) but look! the mysterious metallic ball part is true!  Though like most headline-catching mysteries, not all that interesting after you get past the excited utterance.

Justice, however, should be neither hype nor mystery.

There are only two days left for you to take the Negotiation Justice survey here.

Litigators:  tell your mediators what protections and benefits you’re looking for in a mediation.

Mediators:  ask your lawyer friends to take the survey.

And, oh yes, the people whose disputes we resolve.  Clients.  Yes, that’s you.  The people who hire lawyers.  Tell us all what it is you’re really looking for.  We promise we’ll undertake a great effort to serve you better.

Preview from the Justice Survey

If you had to choose, would you prefer to lose in a fair process or win in an unfair process?

Win even if the process was unfair 54%

Lose so long as the process was fair 46%

Agree?  Disagree?  Take the survey and let us know!


Victoria Pynchon

Attorney-mediator Victoria Pynchon is a panelist with ADR Services, Inc. Ms. Pynchon was awarded her LL.M Degree in Dispute Resolution from the Straus Institute in May of 2006, after 25 years of complex commercial litigation practice, with sub-specialties in intellectual property, securities fraud, antitrust, insurance coverage, consumer class actions and all… MORE >

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