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New Jersey Family Mediation Gets A Boost

From the blog Mediation Marketing Tips

As reported in the latest issue of NJAPM’s quarterly newsletter, “Family Law Attorneys Must Tell Clients About CDR” by William H. Donahue, Jr., Esq., the New Jersey Court rules were amended to require attorneys to tell their clients about CDR.

New Jersey uses the term “CDR” for Complementary Dispute Resolution instead of “ADR” under the belief that
mediation, arbitration and other non-judicial conflict resolution tools should complement the judicial process not be viewed as alternatives to it.

In any event, Rule 5:4-2 was amended at paragraph (h) “Affidavit or Certification of Notification of Complementary Dispute Resolution Alternatives.”

“The First pleading of each party shall have annexed thereto an affidavit or certification that the litigant has been informed of the availability of complementary dispute resolution (”CDR”) alternatives to conventional
litigation, including but not limited to mediation or arbitration, and tha tthe litigant has received descriptive literature regarding such CDR alternatives.”

So hurray for New Jersey family mediators, the education of the public continues. Mediators take heart, the day
when everyone knows about mediation and the benefits is not too far off.

As Mr. Donohue recommended in his article, mediators should then reach out to matrimonial attorneys in your area and let them know you will provide their clients with the highest quality mediation services. Provide these attorneys with a brochure or other written material to assist them in fulfilling their requirement of informing their clients about mediation/CDR. Finally, be sure to point out to attorneys how important their role is (either as a consulting attorney or an agreement reviewing attorney, or as a participant in the mediation process) and how you look forward to partnering with them to best serve their clients.

Speaking of New Jersey family mediators, MMTips reader, Charlie Abut, has a divorce mediation blog he wants you all to check out:

Charlie is targeting family attorneys and provides summaries of recent case law.


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