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50 Cent’s $1B ‘Power Lawsuit with Ex-Drug Lord Heading to Mediation

50 Cent’s $1B ‘Power Lawsuit with Ex-Drug Lord Heading to Mediation

50 Cent has reached the mediation stage of the $1billion lawsuit filed against him by an ex-drug lord over his Power series.

According to AllHipHop, it looks like the Queens-bred mogul will face off with former drug kingpin Corey “Ghost” Holland Sr. in May, when the pair are scheduled to appear at a mediation conference together.

In 2021, Holland filed a lawsuit that alleged 50 Cent and fellow executive producer Courtney Kemp stole the idea for Power from his actual life. Reportedly, Holland’s relationship with Kemp’s father stretches back to the 1990s.

He claims that the two remained in touch until 2007 when Holland allegedly mailed a CD he made for at-risk youth to Kemp’s father, which included a cautionary tale about his own life as a drug dealer. Holland claims Power producers have based at least 200 scenes on his life and now, he believes his life is in danger.

He’s also accused the G-Unit mogul and his associates of bullying, and claims they’ve made threats on his life. Holland has said that 50 Cent has thrown “a lot of subliminal shots” at him in the five months since he filed the lawsuit.

Last September, Holland filed a motion to “legally protect his interests and his family and his legal justification if violence becomes necessary to protect him or his family.”

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