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As 23andMe goes to mediation in hacked DNA case, plaintiffs’ firm warns of collusion

As 23andMe goes to mediation in hacked DNA case, plaintiffs’ firm warns of collusion

Jan 30 (Reuters) – Attorneys for genetic testing company 23andMe are scheduled to gather on Wednesday in a Napa Valley hotel conference room with about 20 lawyers who have filed class actions accusing the company of allowing ultrasensitive genetic information to be hacked and put up for sale on the dark web.

23andMe (ME.O), opens new tabsays, opens new tab that Wednesday’s mediation could lead to a pre-emptive global settlement of the litigation.

The maverick plaintiffs’ firm Edelson says that would be a disaster for the millions of 23andMe customers whose genetic information was stolen.

In a filing, opens new tab on Friday, Edelson asked U.S. District Judge Edward Chen of San Francisco to immediately appoint the firm to lead the litigation against 23andMe, even though it is not clear that all of the cases against the company will be consolidated before Chen — or consolidated at all.

23andMe has asked the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation to transfer all of the cases against the company to a single federal judge. (Most, but not all, of the three dozen class action complaints stemming from last year’s data breach have been filed in federal court in San Francisco.) The company’s lawyers at Greenberg Traurig moved for a stay in the 30 cases already before Chen, arguing that the judge should wait until the judicial panel rules on its consolidation motion, which won’t be until March at the earliest.
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