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Case of store owner accused of planting camera in restroom goes to mediation

Case of store owner accused of planting camera in restroom goes to mediation

The case of a yogurt store owner who was accused of hiding a camera in a restroom is headed for mediation.

Jury selection was scheduled to start on Dec. 11 in the case of Chanphanou Pou, of Hudson, but that has now been postponed.

Pou originally faced a charge of manufacturing child sex abuse images, but that charge has been dropped. Prosecutors filed amended complaints Thursday for violation of privacy.

At the time of the original complaint, Pou was the owner of a Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt store in the Pheasant Lane Mall. According to the amended complaint, he allegedly “purposely and unlawfully installed a recording device in a public bathroom” for the purpose of observing female body parts.

The investigation started in July 2022 when the camera was discovered inside the store’s bathroom at the mall.

In court paperwork, Pou allegedly told detectives that he found the camera, but “rather than call the police, he claimed that he decided to catch the person who put the camera there on his own and continued to turn the camera on several times in an attempt to catch the perpetrator,” according to the paperwork.

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