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Centre forms committee to draft rules, standards for mediation in India

Centre forms committee to draft rules, standards for mediation in India

The Law and Justice Ministry has constituted a working committee for the drafting of rules and standards for mediation in India under the chairmanship of former Law Secretary PK Malhotra.

The office memorandum issued in this regard by the Department of Legal Affairs of Law Ministry stated that the committee would provide drafts of the rules and regulations as envisaged under the Mediation Bill/Act and also to provide suggestions regarding the setting of various standards including, certifications, accreditation, grading, criteria etc, for various stakeholders under the Mediation Bill.

The memorandum also stated that the committee would suggest a comprehensive way forward for the online conduct of mediation as per subordinate legislation and related matters such as secure platform, etc and also provide a roadmap regarding the implementation of the provisions of the Mediation Bill/Act.

The committee would also provide a method for the active dissemination of the benefits of the provisions of the Mediation Bill/Act and give wide publicity to the said provisions amongst the stakeholders and the citizens.

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