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Chinese central govt to set up preparatory office for international court of mediation in HK

Chinese central govt to set up preparatory office for international court of mediation in HK

The Chinese central government will set up a preparatory office for the establishment of an international court of conciliation in the Hong Kong Special Administration Region (HKSAR) to carry out intergovernmental negotiations over international conventions about the court.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry and the government of HKSAR signed an arrangement on the establishment of the preparatory office on October 21, 2022 to specify the details concerning the establishment of the office, according to a statement the ministry released on Tuesday.

At present, there is no intergovernmental international organization dedicated to mediation despite a growing demand from the international community in recent years. The existing dispute settlement institutions mainly settle international disputes through litigation and arbitration and generally merely use mediation as an auxiliary or preemptive means.

In order to meet the development trend and demand of international mediation, China drafted and reached a joint statement with countries with similar point of views and decided to initiate and establish the international court of conciliation, specializing in providing mediation services and offering friendly, flexible, economic and convenient solutions to all kinds of international disputes.

The international court of conciliation will be a treaty-based intergovernmental international organization established upon the consultation by all the parties. It is dedicated to resolving disputes and handling differences in a peaceful and friendly manner. It also serves as a beneficial complement to existing institutions and dispute settlement methods as well as a new platform for the peaceful settlement of international disputes. Members of the court are required to stick to openness and inclusiveness.

The preparatory office is expected to organize and carry out negotiations on the conventions to the establishment of the court from 2023.

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