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City of Scottsdale offers free mediation service for feuding neighbors

City of Scottsdale offers free mediation service for feuding neighbors

If you are having issues with one of your neighbors, the city of Scottsdale has a program that can help its residents. It’s called the Mediation Program, and it’s free for Scottsdale residents to use.

To get started, the person who has an issue with their neighbor has to contact the city. They can do so by texting MEDIATE to 3111 to begin the process. A volunteer mediator, someone with a background and training in resolving conflicts, will set up a meeting place at a public facility near the homes. Then, they will work with the neighbors to hammer out the problems. It’s a much cheaper and fast alternative than going to court.

“There is no forcing someone to do this process,” said Deanna Zuppan, Scottsdale’s Citizen Service Supervisor. “We just hope that the citizens of Scottsdale realize what a great opportunity it is to come together with their neighbor and kind of get back to those summer barbecues and say hello to each other from the front porch.”

It’s important to note that the mediator does not make the final decision, but they are simply a neutral party to facilitate the conversation and keep things peaceful and professional.

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