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Conflict Resolution: Washington Promotes Peer Mediation Program

Conflict Resolution: Washington Promotes Peer Mediation Program

The potential benefits of having students utilize peer mediation to resolve conflicts were displayed recently to members of the Jamestown Public Schools Board.

Washington Middle School Principal Melissa Emerson and Assistant Principal Andrea Marsh discussed a peer mediation “Peacekeepers” program being implemented. Advisors are Desiree DeMarte and Deborah Oakes.

Marsh said staff at the middle school began brainstorming ways last year to manage conflicts among students.

“Peer mediation is a well-known solution to help solve conflict and, with the help of Peaceful Schools, we were able to work together with them over the last several months to get our group up and running,” she said. “And very soon, we will be ready to start actually doing peer mediation in the building.”

According to its website, Peaceful Schools was established in the late 1990s by a group of teachers to prevent youth violence in the wake of the Columbine High School shooting.

“Since the beginning, research into resilience skills informs our approach to mediation, conflict resolution services, school-based systems of support, and curriculum to build social-emotional and problem-solving skills in youth and adults,” the company said on its website.

Information on peer mediation was handed out to members of the school board.

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