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Cop allegedly guns down his wife and her two siblings during attempt at marriage mediation

Cop allegedly guns down his wife and her two siblings during attempt at marriage mediation
A 37-year-old police officer from Mpumalanga has been arrested after allegedly gunning down his wife and her two siblings. The woman’s brother and sister were reportedly trying to mediate, following a dispute between her and her husband, when they were shot. Allegations are that the couple were having marital problems and had approached their local chief for mediation. The chief advised them to start with their families, leading to the woman asking her sister and brother for help. Independent Police Investigate Directorate (IPID) spokesperson Robbie Raburabu said the police officer was a constable stationed at the Masoyi police station. It is believed that the brother called the husband a small boy during the mediation. Raburabu said the officer was expected to appear in Kabokweni Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday to face three counts of murder. Meanwhile, Mpumalanga police have opened murder and inquest cases after a man allegedly killed his wife and then turned the gun on himself following a misunderstanding. Read the complete article here.

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