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Court mediator reports settlement in Walker County inmate’s wrongful death lawsuit

Court mediator reports settlement in Walker County inmate’s wrongful death lawsuit

A court filing from a mediator reports a settlement has been reached in a 2018 wrongful death lawsuit surrounding the death of inmate Autumn Harris at the Walker County Jail.

The suit names Preemptive Forensic Health Solutions and company owner Roger J. Childers who is a registered nurse. Walker County had contracted with PFHS to provide health care for jail inmates. That company is no longer under contract.

The court mediator states a settlement was reached May 24th in the case. It was scheduled for trial August 14, 2023. The civil suit was filed on behalf of Autumn Harris’s estate. Details have not been released.

The lawsuit alleged Harris was not given medical treatment for an upper respiratory infection that lead to her death. She was in jail on a failure to appear on a misdemeanor theft charge involving $40.

The ABC 3340 News I-Team investigated those allegations in a report on Walker County jail deaths following the high profile death of inmate Tony Mitchell who reportedly froze to death in the jail.

Booking records from November of 2018 show jail staff was aware Autumn had pneumonia and medications were given to the nurse. But for weeks Autumn was ‘untreated, uncared for’ according to family Attorney Justin Jones. “There’s no affirmative evidence she was given her medication,” said Jones.

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