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Crisis in the Classroom: Mediator Mentors

Crisis in the Classroom: Mediator Mentors

At a time when college campuses around the country are reporting a heightened level of prejudice and discrimination, a group of sixth graders is learning to mediate through hurtful situations.

It is hoped that the foundations they’re building today will help foster better listening and understanding as they get older — to help prevent a crisis in the classroom.

The sixth graders are mediator mentors at Clovis Elementary. They are learning the art of listening without judgment and helping to find resolutions.

“You have to know about the other person and you have to think about what they need and what other people think and just in general have to be kind,” said 6th grader Grace Pendola.

And learn to get to the heart of the problem which isn’t always easy. They get weekly training, based on a Fresno State mediation program and even have a script that helps them help others.

“Students see the value in the positive relationships. They want to get along with each other. They really do,” said Clovis Elementary Principal Donelle Kellom. They don’t want to come to school and feel intimidated or feel like they’re not part of a team. They want to belong.”

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