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Department of Justice offers ‘mediation’ for Roanoke County Schools

Department of Justice offers ‘mediation’ for Roanoke County Schools

The U.S. Dept. of Justice reached out to offer their services, alleging ‘ongoing community tensions’.

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – The U.S. Department of Justice is offering up its services to help with a hot-topic issue in Roanoke County Schools.

10 News has brought you continuous coverage of the situation with the new transgender model policies and Roanoke County Schools.

Back during a July school board meeting, two people were arrested following multiple disruptions to the meeting.

Roanoke County Schools sent 10 News this statement reading:

Shortly after the July 27 School Board meeting, the Community Relations Service from the U.S. Dept. of Justice reached out to offer their services, alleging “ongoing community tensions.” We declined their offer and informed them that our local School Board invites input from local citizens, including through public comment at its meetings. The School Board had heard from local citizens from across the spectrum and there was not widespread, ongoing community tension among Roanoke County citizens regarding the state’s model policies. As is their right to do so, a relatively small group of citizens, including both Roanoke County citizens and citizens of other localities, expressed disagreement with the new policy through public comment at the School Board July 27 meeting. Unfortunately, two people unlawfully disrupted the July 27 meeting and were arrested; however, neither person had any connection with our school system, and one was not a Roanoke County citizen, despite having furnished a false address. (Roughly the same group of speakers provided public comment at the August meeting, after our reply to US DOJ.)

US Congressmen Ben Cline and Morgan Griffith learned of the emails sent to the Roanoke County School Board and followed up with a letter commending the decision by the school board.

“Pleased that the school board made their decision and one that was based on local input and local concerns not Washington interference,” Cline said. “Folks in the Department of Justice and many of the bureaucracies across Washington don’t know the Roanoke Valley, haven’t been to the Roanoke Valley, and really are interfering in decision making that should be left to Roanoke Valley families and schools boards.”

10 News reached out to DOJ’s Community Relations Service for comment. We got a statement sent back.

Read the complete article here.


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