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EU supports Mediation Centre, providing key skills for police working in liberated Ukraine

EU supports Mediation Centre, providing key skills for police working in liberated Ukraine

The Mediation Centre of the Odessa State University of Internal Affairs is about to become operational thanks to IT equipment donated by the EU Advisory Mission to Ukraine (EUAM).

At the end of March, the EU Advisory Mission to Ukraine donated a wide range of IT equipment to the Centre, including laptops, televisions, printers, portable hard drives and wireless conference systems.

The centre will enable students to learn and practise mediation and conflict management skills. Such skills are now essential for police officers working in liberated areas of Ukraine.

“The policeman is a key figure in the liberated territories. Our teaching staff try to give the cadets the necessary knowledge and skills to cope with possible difficulties,” said University rector Colonel Dmitry Shvets. He added that most of the students graduating this year will be assigned to National Police departments in Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, and Mykolaiv regions.

“Launching the Mediation Centre is a big success for all involved in this initiative. EUAM Field Office Odesa plans to continue cooperation with the University providing more conflict management and leadership workshops, as well as sharing EU experience and best practices,” said Martins Tols, EUAM Adviser on Good Governance and HR Development

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