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Ex-BBC broadcaster Joanna Gosling explains why she quit the newsroom to become a family mediator

Ex-BBC broadcaster Joanna Gosling explains why she quit the newsroom to become a family mediator

Former BBC anchor Joanna Gosling has revealed how she went through a ‘horrible’ time at work before quitting the newsroom to become a family mediator.

The veteran broadcaster joined the BBC in 1999, but has now left the world of news behind for a role at law firm Irwin Mitchell.

Gosling, 52, said that her career change came after she was ‘involved in conflict’ during her time at the corporation.

‘That was an extremely difficult time and I really felt like there should have been more collaborative conversations than were going on at that time,’ she told The Telegraph.

‘I also got divorced, so obviously, I had that midlife change also and that awareness of what goes on with that.’

These work and personal difficulties prompted her to train in mediation, which sees experts hold discussions with parties on both sides of a conflict.

She said the dramatic career move means she can now ‘be the person I wish had been there for me’.

When the BBC was making a raft of cuts to its staff earlier this year and redundancy packages came available, Gosling said she tried to see it as an opportunity.

‘I knew that I needed to do this, I was done with what I had been doing, I’d been doing it for 30 years. I’d absolutely loved it but it was definitely time to do something different.’

Her emotional farewell to the BBC News Channel struck a chord with viewers, with the moment she closed her final bulletin after 23 years going viral.

She was met from applause from inside the studio as she came off air for the last time on January 26.

The veteran broadcaster said: ‘Now it is just about time for me to say goodbye for the last time.

‘I am signing off after 23 years at BBC News and before I go there are just a few things I wanted to say. I know this job is personal.

‘We come directly into your home to tell you what is happening – good, bad, funny, sad.

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