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Ferry Workers, City Hall Agree to Mediate Contract Dispute

Ferry Workers, City Hall Agree to Mediate Contract Dispute

Staten Island, USA: The union representing Staten Island Ferry workers agreed on Monday to use a mediator to settle its contract dispute with the city, a sign of movement in the 12-year stalemate that has left ferry captains and mates without a raise since 2010.

“We have accepted the Mayor’s offer for a mediator to sit-in and observe our next collective bargaining session with the OLR,” Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association secretary-treasurer Roland Rexha said in a statement referencing the city Office of Labor Relations. “It is our hope we can continue to work toward a negotiated settlement meeting as early as next week.”

Unlike arbitrators, who listen to facts and evidence from both sides and issue their own decision, a mediator assists both parties in a bargaining dispute to help them reach an agreement. Though either party may request a mediator, both management (the city, in this case) and the union must consent to the mediator. MEBA and the city have not yet selected who the mediator will be.

Pic Credit – Ben Fractenburg, City

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