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‘Hamas receives mediation offers following Operation Aqsa Typhoon,’ says Hamas figurehead

‘Hamas receives mediation offers following Operation Aqsa Typhoon,’ says Hamas figurehead

In the wake of Operation Aqsa Typhoon, Husam Badran, a Hamas figurehead, revealed on Sunday that the organization had received mediation efforts from multiple countries, including Egypt and Qatar.

These nations reached out to Hamas in an attempt to facilitate negotiations and reduce tensions in the region.

Badran’s statement indicated that despite these mediation attempts, there are currently no indications of an imminent ceasefire or period of calm in the ongoing conflict.

Sunday marked the the second consecutive day of Operation Aqsa Typhoon, initiated by the Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, in response to Israeli Occupation violations in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Israeli Occupation has reported a significant rise in casualties, with 700 soldiers and settlers killed and over 1,900 wounded, while more than 100 individuals are either held captive or missing in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported a total of 421 Palestinian casualties, with the majority occurring in the Gaza Strip, where 370 individuals have been martyred and approximately 2,200 people wounded.

International efforts are intensifying to seek a ceasefire and de-escalation of the conflict as tensions continue to rise.

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