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Here’s how this NYC high school is taking a ‘proactive’ approach to conflict between students

Here’s how this NYC high school is taking a ‘proactive’ approach to conflict between students

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A new space for students to work out their problems among peers has officially opened at Port Richmond High School.

The school unveiled its Peer Mediation Center last week — a safe space where teens can work out their differences with two student mediators leading a conversation that respects both parties.

Mediators have been training since October on conflict resolution skills that will help resolve issues between students.

“The students have to agree, it’s for them to talk out things respectfully,” said Marie Scarsella, Peer Mediation Center coordinator. “And they’ll sit with two student mediators who go through what happened during the event and will try to come to a contract agreement, where both students will agree to terms that they can either go back to class peacefully — whatever they need to do to make sure that they are okay and no longer having a problematic conflict in the classroom.”

The ultimate goal of the program is for youth to come into the center if they have a conflict with someone. School staff can also refer students to the center.

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