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Kuikahi Mediation Center to host virtual talk on stress management and burnout prevention

Kuikahi Mediation Center to host virtual talk on stress management and burnout prevention

The Hilo-based Kuikahi Mediation Center is hosting a virtual talk this week on stress management in the workplace.

The latest installment in the center’s monthly “Finding Solutions, Growing Peace” Brown Bag Lunch Series, the talk, titled “Resilience at Work: Self Care for Stress Management and Burnout Prevention,” will run from noon to 1 p.m. on Thursday via Zoom. It will feature speaker Ami Kunimura, founder of The Self-Care Institute.

In a statement, Kuikahi Mediation Center said the talk will share “sustainable self-care practices — including mindfulness and compassion — that support a fulfilling life at work and at home.”

“Burnout has become a global issue, and the care you give to yourself matters just as much as the care you give to others,” Kunimura said in the statement. “It’s not always easy these days to maintain self-care, and my goal is to help folks recover from and prevent occupational burnout.”

Through The Self-Care Institute, Kunimura — who is based between Hawaii Island and California — provides therapeutic support for professionals around the world who are experiencing burnout.

Julie Mitchell, executive director of Kuikahi Mediation Center, told PBN that “being able to focus on self-care is more important now than ever, especially given all the stressors of the Covid pandemic and the holiday season.”

“Because there have been major upheavals in the workplace — including staff shortages, the ‘Great Resignation,’ and paid and unpaid workers at all levels being asked to do more with less — we felt Ami’s focus on resilience, self-care, stress management, and burnout prevention was especially timely,” Mitchell said. “Conflict prevention and resolution is not just an external pursuit. It also involves addressing internal conflict, including by practicing self-awareness and self-compassion.”

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