Mediation and Restorative Justice Center nearing opening of new peer recovery center

Mediation and Restorative Justice Center nearing opening of new peer recovery center

The Mediation and Restorative Justice Center is nearing the opening of a new peer recovery center in Watauga County.

Homestead Recovery Center will function as a peer support space to build a community of growth and understanding for those in recovery. The center is anticipating a mid-January opening date to house existing and upcoming programs to serve the community.

The Watauga Democrat previously reported that the Mediation and Restorative Justice Center was one of 20 agencies in North Carolina selected to receive funding from the multi-state opioid settlement with McKinsey & Company. The center was awarded $800,000 for a peer recovery center to strengthen the treatment and recovery support services already offered by the organization.

Former Watauga LEAD and Recovery on the Inside Program Coordinator Molly Bolick was promoted to serve as the Center Director of the Homestead Recovery Center located at 482 State Farm Road.

Bolick said the recovery center will house existing programs in addition to community outreach efforts, events, trainings and meetings.

“We’ll have more space and just more opportunities to be able to serve people,” Bolick said. “We really grew out of our old space within six months and had more demand than we could meet. The way that people wanted to utilize the office there didn’t really work — it was just too small.”

Bolick said the biggest growth will be in peer services, which will be accessible to anyone and not just those in Watauga Lead or currently working with a case manager. She said an open room will be utilized as a peer living room to allow for “positive, supportive time” without an agenda. There will be appliances for people to heat up a meal, a bathroom with a shower, and a washing machine and dryer to help meet people’s needs.

Homestead Recovery Center, located at 482 State Farm Road, is set to open to the public in mid-January. Pictured for left to right are Mollie Bolick, Mackenzie Laney, Sydney Styron, Ken Connelly, Giovanni Llibre, Dale Hudler, Liana Saffioti, Marisa Cornell and Tripp Taylor.

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