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Mediation in rent-related disputes becomes mandatory

Mediation in rent-related disputes becomes mandatory

In response to the escalating disputes between landlords and tenants that have overwhelmed local courthouses, a new mediation regulation is set to take effect in September, offering a mandatory alternative to litigation for resolving various issues.

The regulation is designed not only to address rental disagreements in residences and workplaces but also to encompass conflicts related to vehicles, farmlands, commodities and even rented wedding dresses.

Salih Emrah Ertan, a member of the western province of İzmir’s consumer arbitration committee, disclosed that the burgeoning workload on magistrates’ courts had compelled the implementation of the new approach.

“While landlords and tenants have technically had access to mediators since 2013, the lack of an obligatory framework hindered its widespread adoption,” he explained.

Ertan stressed that the adoption of mediation promises time savings. Litigation in court can extend up to five years, whereas disputes resolved through mediation can be concluded within four weeks, he suggested.

Parties engaged in disputes will be able to avail themselves of the mediation services by personally visiting mediation offices located within courthouses or by engaging legal representation. Parties retain the option to initiate formal litigation if an impasse is not reached within the four-week period.

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