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Mediator hired to help resolve tax dispute

Mediator hired to help resolve tax dispute

Georgia, USA: Every 10 years, the counties and cities in Georgia must decide how the Local Option Sales Tax will be split among municipalities within them.

At the Catoosa County Board of Commissioners meeting on Aug. 16, Chairman Larry Black explained that the deadline for coming to an agreement among the county and its two cities of Ringgold and Fort Oglethorpe had expired and asked County Attorney Chad Young to elaborate.

The county, Young said, is responsible for starting negotiations regarding the distribution formula for LOST, which, he said, Catoosa County had done.

“There are eight factors the statute lays out that are to be considered,” Young said. “You have a 60-day time period (to come to an agreement), which expired on Monday (Aug. 15).”

“If you haven’t reached an agreement,” Young continued, “which we have not, the next step is to move toward negotiation, where you have a third neutral party come in to help you.”

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