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Motion for mediation filed for Bullitt County woman charged with murder of 2 sons

Motion for mediation filed for Bullitt County woman charged with murder of 2 sons

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – In court on Monday was Tiffanie Lucas, the Bullitt County woman charged with killing her two sons.

During the hearing, a motion for mediation was filed, which means the prosecution and defense are going to come together to try to make a deal. The decision has left the family of at least one of the boys not happy.

Lucas is charged with shooting her sons – nine-year-old Jayden Howard and six-year-old Maurice Baker at their home back in November. According to her confession to police, she claimed she was manipulated online into doing it.

The boys were half brothers.

Maurice Baker Jr.’s family was in court on Monday when the commonwealth agreed to enter mediation. They’re afraid mediation will not end in justice and say they want the death penalty, or nothing less than life without parole.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Bailey Taylor said he’s used mediation to success in the past, and if he’s unhappy with the results, they can still go to trial.

”If all parties are not on board or we reach a roadblock that we cant get past, it’s not a binding mediation,” said Taylor. “We can call it quits at any time.”

There was a bit of a heated exchange between Baker’s family and Taylor outside the courtroom after the hearing. The family expressed their concerns with going to mediation.

“If you don’t want to try it, let somebody else do it,” Maurice Baker Jr.’s aunt was heard telling Taylor.

It was an emotional day. Baker’s step-mother, Michelle Rice, said they just loved ‘Reece’ so much.

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