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Over 10,000 rent disputes resolved via mediation

Over 10,000 rent disputes resolved via mediation

The mediation arrangement aimed at helping landlords and occupants find a midway solution took effect at the start of September and many people rushed to apply to benefit from it.

Since 2013, mediators have received some 4.5 million cases and 3.1 million of them were resolved in agreement, Tunç said, noting that this means around 70 percent settlement between the disputing parties.

“This rate is 49 percent in the cases where the parties should seek mediation before going to court. Some 3 million cases were settled this way.”

More and more people are resolving the disputes through the mediation scheme, said Umut Metin, a lawyer and mediator.

The latest numbers suggest that within a period of two weeks, more than 3,000 disputes were settled, he added.

Metin noted that before the mediation scheme took effect, some 20,000 cases related to landlord-tenant disputes were filed with court each month. “Now this is around 3,500 cases.”

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