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Separating families in Jersey urged to use free mediation

Separating families in Jersey urged to use free mediation

Families in Jersey that are separating are being encouraged to use a free mediation service.

The service offered by the Family Foundation works to solve problems that arise when relationships break down, such as money matters and children.

It is provided by the Family Division of the Royal Court and aims to help families make agreements out of court.

The benefits of mediation are being highlighted in Family Mediation Week, which starts on Monday.

The Family Foundation said families seeking its support were usually best placed to agree what worked for them when a dispute arose.

It said its role was to help each family reach its own agreement without asking a judge to decide for them.

Advocate Barbara Corbett, a family mediator for law firm Corbett Le Quesne, said: “It is not always possible, but when people come to see me and mediation looks viable I encourage them to resolve as many issues as possible in this way.”

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