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Sindhis, Jains, Yadavs and Muslims of Indore avoiding courts, going for mediation first

Sindhis, Jains, Yadavs and Muslims of Indore avoiding courts, going for mediation first

We did not expect that so many cases would start coming so soon after the center opened in June. Out of the 56 cases, we have disposed of 12, says the Sindhi mediation centre chief.

Indore: The hall looks like a courtroom, the judge gives a patient hearing, and the two warring sides air their disputes. Except it’s not a courtroom. It is a Sindhi community mediation centre in Indore that is functioning like a court but actually helping the district court of Indore and the high court bench from clogging further.

It’s 10 in the morning and one of the rooms at Swami Pritamdas Auditorium in Indore’s crowded Sindhi Colony is packed, ready for the 8th hearing of the Sevkani family dispute. The family members occupy the plastic chairs in the hall, eager to be part of the hearing even as the noise from a nearby flour mill makes the proceedings loud. The resolution involves deciding fair partition among the members. The younger of the two sisters has reached the mediation center with the bale of 33 tola gold, all ancestral property. The plaintiffs and mediators speak Sindhi, something that helps them articulate better. Chief mediator Kishore Kodwani, wearing a traditional headgear, leads the proceedings as two other mediators, both Sindhis, help him with case papers.

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