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The mechanics of Louisville’s eviction mediation pilot program

The mechanics of Louisville’s eviction mediation pilot program

With rising rental prices and eviction cases mounting, Louisville has now joined cities across the U.S. in launching an eviction mediation program. The pilot program, which is unlike its peers in other cities because it puts the onus on landlords to apply, is expected to run through June 2024.

When an eviction case gets on a docket, it comes at a major cost to both tenants and landlords.

Louisville Metro Government’s new pilot initiative aims to mitigate that with an eviction mediation program, which the city allocated $2 million for from federal American Rescue Plan Fund dollars.

Laura Grabowski, interim director for the Office of Resiliency and Community Services said the initiative would help save time and money for both tenants and landlords and reduce tenants’ chances of getting an eviction record.

“We were trying to look at the continuum of services needed, and more eviction prevention was needed. It helps to have a third party mediator to help tenants and landlords work out issues with payments,” she said.

But there are limits to the program. Landlords are the only party that can sign up for the mediation. Additionally, applications are restricted to cases of past due payments.

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