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UNDP Launches the Regional Network for “Sustaining Peace Through Insider Mediation in Arab States” in Jordan

UNDP Launches the Regional Network for “Sustaining Peace Through Insider Mediation in Arab States” in Jordan

May 19 -21, 2024, Amman – The UNDP Regional Bureau for Arab States (RBAS) and Country Offices in Jordan, Lebanon, and Sudan hosted the first Arab States regional dialogue, bringing together Insider Mediators (IM) from Sudan, Jordan, and Lebanon to launching the regional network of Insider Mediators. This event took place in the framework of the project, “Sustaining Peace Through Insider Mediation in Arab States” funded by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

Insider Mediation is a localised approach to preventing conflict and sustaining peace, which empowers trusted community members to facilitate dialogue within their communities. Insider Mediators are civic, social, religious or political leaders. They include women, men, youth, elders, and people with disabilities, who help their communities resolve disputes peacefully. Due to their role on the ground, Insider Mediators are able to monitor instances of tensions, analyze patterns, and intervene swiftly.

The three-day regional event brought together 62 Insider Mediators from across the region, with a specific focus on Jordan, Lebanon, and Sudan. The objective was to promote and enhance knowledge exchange through peer-to-peer learning, strengthen collaboration and cooperation, build capacities in the realm of Insider Mediation, and to develop a shared vision for the regional network of Insider Mediators. During the event, Insider Mediators were also able to share challenges and opportunities and reflect on critical topics such as the importance of Mental Health and Psychosocial support (MHPSS). Other important issues discussed included the role of Insider Mediators in family-related issues, media and digital peacebuilding, humanitarian negotiations, and in strengthening social cohesion. Critically, the event offered a unique opportunity for Insider Mediators to build strong relationships of support and identify ways to expand their impact both locally and regionally.

On the third day, an official closing ceremony concluded the event with remarks from Ms Loren Leplus, Conflict Prevention and Political Transitions Officer at the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, and Mr. Giordano Segneri, Governance and Peacebuilding Regional Team Leader for Arab States.

In her closing remarks, Ms. Loren Leplus, on behalf of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, congratulated the regional network on its achievements over the past year. She emphasized the exchange and collaboration that took place during this regional event and expressed hope that the network of Insider Mediators will soon become a cornerstone of peacebuilding practices in the region.

“We have learned a lot by hearing your stories and experiences, which we will bring back to Paris. None of this would be possible without your commitment.” she said.

Mr. Giordano Segneri stressed the importance of such regional events in bringing different stakeholders together and reflected on the key lessons learned. He emphasized that it is a privilege to be part of this journey and that we are in it together. “One of the main reasons why we are here, in these difficult times, is because we believe in peace and accept the burden of seeking it,” he said.

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