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Unity in Community Mediation Team receives $50,000 grant to help monitor Minneapolis police

Unity in Community Mediation Team receives $50,000 grant to help monitor Minneapolis police

A group designed to help reform policing received its first-ever funding Monday to help them monitor the Minneapolis Police Department.

The Minneapolis Foundation granted $50,000 to the Unity in Community Mediation Team (UCMT) to continue community engagement work to transform policing.

“We’re gonna put this money to work to help the community engage with this process of reform and transformation of public safety in our city of Minneapolis,” said UCMT’s Mark Anderson.

UCMT will use the money to open up satellite offices.

“We’ll open up these sites within our community where communities feel safe and not threatened and where they’ll feel more comfortable coming, filing complaints and get involved with the consent decree,” said UCMT’s Rev. Ian Bethel.

The offices open after Labor Day at seven community sites. But with this move in a forward direction, there are serious concerns.

“We must get some transparency with this whole process of hiring in the Minneapolis Police Department,” Bethel said.

This group wants an immediate meeting with Mayor Jacob Frey to discuss what Chief Brian O’Hara knew or didn’t know before hiring of Tyler Timberlake, a former police officer who was accused but acquitted of abuse while on duty in Virginia.

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