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York County lawsuit over alleged inmate abuse set for mediation

York County lawsuit over alleged inmate abuse set for mediation

A class-action lawsuit filed against York County and York County Prison will now go to court-ordered mediation.

The lawsuit, originally filed in 2021, claims constitutional rights of inmates were violated by guards who were trained by a company called Corrections Special Application Unit, LLC, or CSAU1.

The company is owned by Joseph Garcia, who is the described as the “Senior Team Leader.” He is being sued individually as well.

The lawsuit alleges that according to his own public statements, Garcia trains jail staff, including those at York County Prison, to consider inmates and pretrial detainees as “enemies” and to approach their job as one in “combat.”

The lawsuit claims County Defendants knew of and endorsed Garcia and CSAU1’s tactics, strategies, and philosophies when they contracted with him to implement those policies.

It goes on to detail multiple instances of alleged excessive force, shootings, physical abuse, and threatening at the hands of guards trained by CSAU1. It claims Plaintiffs and class members have been terrorized, brutalized, and constitutionally violated by them.

The lawsuit says a nurse told defendants several inmates were in mental health crises due to the treatment, and that she was ignored and dismissed.

Plaintiffs, along with class members, have demanded a jury trial. The mediation was ordered Tuesday.

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